The Health Benefits of Federal Legalization

With recreational marijuana legalized in eight states and medical use legalized in another 21, the writing on the wall is clear: federal legalization is just around the corner. Even though we're currently living in unpredictable times under this new administration, it's only a matter of time before marijuana is legal to sell and consume in the entire United States. After almost a century of prohibition, people will finally be able to enjoy all of the benefits of legal bud, including a variety of health benefits.

Lower Opioid Addiction/ Overdose

It's no secret that doctors hand out painkillers like candy. Back hurts? Take a Vicodin. Head ache? How about a Percocet? Burn your foot on a George Foreman grill? Better have some Oxycodone to numb the pain. We are currently in the middle of an opioid epidemic due to the highly addictive nature of the drug itself and the fact that doctors are quick to scrawl out a prescription. Luckily, marijuana is a much safer alternative pain killer that is impossible to overdose on. Talk about your massive health benefits.

Less Anxiety All Around

Modern civilized society is basically a swirling whirlwind of stress and anxiety. Young people in particular are more stressed out than ever before. Luckily, federal legalization of marijuana could usher in a whole new age of chill. Nothing soothes the anxious soul better than a few grams of indica. Even besides the inherent mellowing that weed provides people will be less anxious in general if they know they don’t have to worry about getting busted for toking up.

Less Cancer, More Cures

While medical technology has come a long way, cancer is still one of the biggest killers of Americans. Roughly one in three people diagnosed with cancer will succumb to the disease and die. However, there is hope. Cannabidiol, a compound found in the cannabis plant, has been shown to stop the spread of malignant cancers. This was discovered under the strict rules that allow for research of the medicinal applications of marijuana. With federal legalization, the floodgates for medical research will open and scores more health benefits will be discovered hiding in the pot plant.

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